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Hello fellow bloggers!

My name is Makenna, here I am writing a post that includes a lot from my life growing up, I hope all who read this can get to know who I am better. 🙂

I recently completed cosmetology school; cosmetology school entails 1600 hours in school. That 1600 hours includes a lot of roller sets, perms, boredom, and surprisingly, good memories and fun! I also just got licensed, I am not working yet but plan to be working soon!

I remember the first time I tried eyeshadow on myself, I was probably 11 at the time. It was a benefit eyeshadow quad that belonged to my grandma. My grandma is very stylish and sassy, not your typical cat lady grandma. I remember my mom telling me that my dad said something to her like, “Makenna did a really good job on her eyeshadow.” If I was 11 and doing a good job on my eyeshadow, I must’ve had some natural talent for it right?

Several years after I still wasn’t wearing much makeup at all, and I wasn’t experimenting with it either. When I was 16 I got interested in the idea of makeup again, and started playing around a lot with it, and that was also when I discovered the glory that is YouTube makeup tutorials.

As far as fashion and clothing goes… I’ve always loved clothes! Since I was a little kid I was always wearing matching outfits. At about 9 years old I started loving the mall and going shopping with my mom or grandma.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved art, I would spend hours drawing, I would draw pictures of different animals, mice, deer, and dinosaurs. I had a mini obsession with dinosaurs at one point.

I was home schooled for my entire childhood, up until I graduated from my homeschool group at 16. Being home schooled I had so much time to just be a kid, I was given the freedom to do what I wanted to do on my time, which was a lot of art and playing outside in my earlier years.

I’ve always been very stubborn, for a long time I refused to do schoolwork. So my mom decided she would let me find my knack, because if there’s something I didn’t want to do, I wouldn’t do it. I’ve always been that way and I still am. I am very driven by my own strong will, if I want to do something I will do it.

I have had an amazing and such a blessed life. But my life has been far from easy, I have had many trials, obstacles, and difficulties to overcome. I have struggled with extreme fear, depression, anxiety, worry, and trust issues.

When I was a kid I was afraid for my parents to drop me off places because I thought they wouldn’t come back to get me. My entire life I’ve gone in and out of depression. I used to think I wasn’t smart just because I had trouble with math. I would doubt my ability to try certain things because I thought I wasn’t smart enough/good enough, and that people would judge me.

I grew up in a Christian home, and I’ve always had a relationship with God, growing up I didn’t know how to rely on Him for strength. And I didn’t see my worth through His eyes, and I didn’t know how to trust Him. But I can’t entirely blame myself because I didn’t know Jesus Christ yet.

Since I was 7 years old I’ve had a fear of death and eternity, I’ve grown up with that fear and have felt that fear weighing on me my entire life. Fear has driven a lot of my life, and has made me feel trapped in my own body.

When I was 11 years old I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, and I was baptized shortly after. Having Jesus Christ walk with me has helped relieve some of that weight that has resided within me. I started to feel less anxiety at events, friends houses, bible studies, etc.

I used to be afraid of people with special needs as a kid, and after I accepted Jesus, I was able to go to the local cerebral palsy home with my highschool church group. And I was able to go to that home and love on those people fearlessly.

Jesus Christ has radically changed me and the way I see myself. He has relieved me from so much of my fear, anxiety, worry, pain, and depression. I still struggle with those things, but now I understand that The Lord is completely in control. He is powerful, strong, and amazing. He has never ending love and peace which surpasses understanding. He never fails, and he is always there no matter how hard life may seem. He is always there as freedom and peace from all pain and suffering.

If you have read this, thank you for taking the time to get to know me better. Everything I have said is honest and true from my heart. This is not about me trying to force religion on anyone, or to put myself on a pedestal, I’m just sharing my truth in what has happened in my life.

Have a wonderful day all,




4 thoughts on “Get to know me

  1. You and I are similar in many ways! Reading this I felt like I was reading a little part of myself as well! Congrats on completing beauty school, that’s definitely a goal of mine once I graduate college. I am a huge lover of makeup as well as fashion and have been for a long time! I too also have a fear of dying and death and those thoughts weigh on me all the time but I also trust and believe in God and I hope one day I will be able to be okay with the thought of death. You seem like an amazing person and I’m glad you were openly able to talk about your fears and different obstacles you’ve faced in your life. You’re a beautiful person just from what I was able to read! xoxo, lori!

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  2. You have grown up to be an incredibly strong woman. You are so beautiful too -with or without makeup! I am not only proud to be your big sister, I look UP to you too!!!

    I love you,


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