Organizing my Closet

Hey everyone! Late night post for you all. Tonight I’ve been organizing my room, and trying to figure out how to make better use of the space that I have. image I folded my short sleeves, and workout clothes to go on the shelves. I used to have books on the shelves which was taking up unnecessary space. And those ugly plastic boxes you see used to be in a drawer, but they took up the entire space, so I had to take them out. Which gave me an entire drawer, so who cares if they are ugly. 😉 image I hung up most of my pants, because they were hogging a drawer. I folded most of my long sleeves and put them in the drawer that my pants were in. My long sleeves, and t-shirts, were clumping together in my closet and taking up a lot of space, so folding them helped a lot. I also moved my shoes around. My biggest issue with my room right now is that I have no place to put all of my purses. 😝 I love organizing, I hope this post is useful to someone! Comment if you love or hate organizing! Have a lovely night and a lovely Saturday! – Makenna ❤️


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