Struggling to have a Healthy Lifestyle and Body Image

Hey everyone!

WARNING This is a very long post… But It’s worth the time to read it, I promise!

I am someone who in my heart of hearts loves eating healthy and exercising, like literally loves it!

But I have had my share of constantly making mistakes, and not sticking to a healthy lifestyle. But after a while it gets tiring, wouldn’t you say? Going back and fourth, starting a diet and then quitting it, wanting to eat healthy and shortly after getting cravings to eat junk food. It is like a nasty cycle that just keeps repeating over and over. What I want to get to the bottom of is where and how does it stop?

In the grand scheme of things I would say I eat pretty healthy compared to most people. We mainly shop at health food stores, and get organic meats, produce, vegetables, etc. We don’t usually have sweets and processed foods readily available at home. What my parents and I in the most trouble is eating out.

I think the biggest issue is we get consumed by laziness, time management, and what’s easiest to do. It’s easy, convenient, and time efficient to go through a drive through, instead of cooking a meal at home. It’s more fun to go out to eat, than it is to eat at home. It’s more fun to snack on a bag of chips while watching tv, than it is to snack on carrot sticks.


The reason we do this is because we’ve conditioned our minds to think that it’s right, and that we are getting pleasure out of it. But when you really analyze it, how many people can say they feel “good” after eating a huge meal at a restaurant. When you have to unbutton your pants before scooting out of the booth (you know we’ve all been there). Is feeling so bloated that you feel like you could explode a good feeling? DEFINITELY NOT. We’ve conditioned ourselves to not think before our actions. Such as, going to a restaurant, ordering pizza, grabbing chips, using a vending machine, drinking a large soda.

About three years ago I got very determined to eat healthy and lose weight. I ate mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, salads with chicken, and oatmeal for breakfast. I probably lost about 25 pounds. And guess what made the biggest difference, I CHANGED MY MINDSET. I remember that I wouldn’t eat at In n Out, because I told myself that the food wasn’t good and not worth it. I did have a lot of determination at that time for sure, but I was being very hard on myself, and not having a positive or loving mindset towards myself. I am saying this because I think to truly accomplish a healthy lifestyle, you definitely have to be determined and not let anything or anyone get in your way or put you down. But you also have to love your body in the process, and to have joy knowing that you are taking those steps. To forgive yourself for all of the times you’ve messed up, life is a journey, and you will make mistakes. But you are capable of picking yourself back up!

Once I hit my teen years I did really start struggling with my body image, as I was starting to gain weight and get curves at 14/15. I was a twig growing up, I was always a very, very, active child, I never stopped moving. Anyway, I will say it really sucks when you spend so long hating your body, and that is not good for you mentally or physically. Overweight or skinny, curvy or straight up and down, tall or shot, trying to lose weight, trying to gain weight, tomato tomatoe. We are all different and unique, if we weren’t things would be pretty boring wouldn’t they?

There is only one you, and there is only one me. Love yourself, and love the journey that you are on.

I believe you and I have the power to accomplish anything, we just have to believe that we can do it. No one is literally going to shove a cupcake down your throat, (I hope not) 😉 It’s all up to you, THINK FIRST then decide if it’s worth it or not.

Something else I’ve thought through is what foods and desserts do you REALLY LOVE? What is truly decadent for you? For me I think it’s probably like a chocolate molten brownie, maybe a really amazing pizza, some bomb french fries, etc? When I really think about it there aren’t that many things that I constantly crave. When I eat bad it’s usually because of laziness, and not thinking it through. So I say it would be a lot more satisfying to eat healthy 90% of the time and spend that last 10% on those things that are truly delicious.

I am just so excited and feeling fired up! I think we can truly inspire each other to be better, and really commit and act on it!

Being honest here, I have come to a point where I am starting to love my body, it has taken me a while to get there, but I am beginning to. God has molded and shaped me to be me, and you to be you. There is much beauty to be found in that. I’m not just talking body shape and height, I’m talking facial features, eye color, hair color, hair texture, skin color, ethnicity, everything. So often we wish we were different, and it saddens me to know we all think like that.

Believe me when I say, I am a big supporter that everyone should strive to be their absolute best to their full potential in life!

I’m obviously not saying dress like a caveman, and stop showering and brushing your hair.

I’m just saying, please, you are perfect with what God gave you, so rock what God gave you!

I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns… 😉 No but really.

Much love,

– Makenna ❤


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