Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Tag

Thank you everythingandnothin for nominating me! This is going to be fun.

everythingandnothin’s questions:

1.) How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging around late April of this year!

2.) Do you watch Netflix, if yes, what is your favorite movie or show?

Netflix is fantastic! There is literally enough on there that you could waste your life just watching Netflix. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating that a little bit. 😉 My favorite show on Netflix is Grey’s Anatomy, I am obsessed! I used to be terrified of doctors, surgeries, and hospitals. But now I am fine watching it, as long as I’m not the one in the hospital! Eeeeek, no thank you, keep me away!

3.) Outside or inside?

Outside definitely, I love late afternoon weather/early evening weather. I just love windy weather, which I don’t get enough of in my opinion since I love it! I just love being outside any chance I get, just not during the day because it’s so hot, I prefer to be outside in the morning and at night.

4.) Best gift you’ve ever received?

Money and gift cards. Honestly I’d rather just shop for myself 🙂

5.) Favorite tradition?

Every thanksgiving we play our made up game, where everyone writes down what they are thankful for, then we have to guess who said what. It’s really silly but it’s definitely my favorite family tradition.

6.) Biggest regret in life?

Not sticking with certain hobbies when I was a kid, such as, swim team, dance, and acting. Regrets in general are not good to hold onto though, it’s best to learn from what you did and apply it to your life now in whatever way you can. 🙂

7.) Favorite hairstyle?

Voluminous wavy or curly hair.

8.) Favorite app?


9.) Best beauty tip?

Blend, blend, BLEND!

10.) One food you highly dislike?

Nothing is coming to mind at the moment 😛

My nominees:

1.) simplyfearfully

2.) dirtychicdiary

3.) itsxoxoloriallison

4.)  allthingsmakeupfashion

5.)  beautybygigi

6.)  saramazing

7.)  lorraineadele

8.)  glamwithsam

9.)  beauty0bunny

10.)  glamnecessities

My Questions:

1.) Best dessert you’ve ever eaten?

2.) Your #1 celebrity crush, and why that person is your #1

3.) Favorite color to wear on your nails?

4.) Early bird or night owl?

5.) Would you rather read a book or watch TV?

6.) Favorite artist, and how long they have been your favorite.

7.) Favorite holiday?

8.) Favorite full body outfit (regardless of the current season)

9.) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

10.) Simple jewelry, or layered, chunky jewelry?

Makenna ❤

2 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Tag

  1. Congrats on your award McKenna and thank you for the nomination! I too love wavy full hair and started blogging last year. Great post, I posted my award two days ago, it’s up and running on my site if you want to see it ☺️ Have a great night! Xoxo

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